Updated Leigh Hudson website

While Leigh was away on holiday, I updated her website to make it striking with different large photographs for each page.  Most (though not the front page) photographs were also taken by me in 2015.

The website is a responsive design, and looks good on large screens as well as the more important mobile phones.  The text, blog posts and diary are all updated by Leigh as she goes about her work.

The site is at www.leahhudsonescort.com

Completed website for Raunchy Rona and Juicy Lucy

This site was a few months in its gestation.  Mainly miscommunication on my part.  I eventually started it on Wednesday, and promoted it to several directories today.  There is still some checking to be done.  I have to make sure all the directories I have added the site to have actually processed the request correctly.   That is part of the reason for using Google Analytics, to see where the incoming traffic is coming from.  Google Webmaster tools also shows insights into how Google is displaying your site in its search results, the average position for keyword searches, and the percentage of times the result is clicked on.

This website is a simple one page website, it advertises the services of two women.  There is a gallery, and the site is also responsive, working very well on mobile phones.  Lets face it most clients will be using mobile phones now to research their next date.  Too risky using home and work machines, the privacy of the mobile phone makes this the research platform of choice.

On a side, if you are looking for a mature escort, a BBW escort and a DUO with a bit of domme, strapon and a red room out of 50 Shades of Grey and you happen to be in Ipswich, then head on over to Raunchy Rona and Juicy Lucy, two Ipswich Escorts.

Completed website for Eliina Norwegian Escort

I have completed a new website for Eliina, the previous website was for her massage services.  This website is for her escort services.   The new Norwegian Escort website is a responsive website, hosted on my server with a multi user wordpress.  The responsiveness allows the same website content to render on wide screens, and mobile phones in portrait mode.  Though the website is complete, there is still work on promoting the site, adding it to directories and getting Bing to  index the pages.  OK I am joking, who uses Bing, I meant Google.  I also use a CDN service for all sites to ensure they are cached near to the reader for fast access.

Though Eliina is Norwegian, she works in London as a London Escort, providing a successful incall and outcall service.

Sexual Freedom Awards

Visited London, spent the morning working at a large city institution.  Met up with a friend for lunch in a nearby pub.  Said goodbye and rushed over to Vauxhall and met with a couple of potential clients in a pub.  Spent the late afternoon and early evening discussing business over a few pints of beer.  I hope  this will be a good opportunity.

Now it was past 7 so walked over to the Fire Club and the Sexual Freedom Awards ceremony.  I was hoping to see Laura Lee win the Pioneer award, and Gem win the publicist of the year award.  Laura wasn’t there, but on her way, ended up rescuing her from the tube station during the awards.  She arrived in time for drinkies and to be awarded  her well deserved trophy, a winged penis.  This was presented to her by Frankie Mullin, a journalist who writes  about the issues facing sex workers.

Gem didn’t win the publicist award, this went to Pandora Blake. Shame, but I believe she enjoyed the show, meeting people.  I stayed on to the end of the show at 11.30, the final act was from Mouse who performed some eye opening tricks with her vagina and anus.

laura1 laura2 laura3 laura4


Elina Blonde Norwegian Massage specialist working in London

IMG_5302I have just completed a new  website for Elina.  Elina in a blonde London Massage Specialist working in London.  She is a specialist in Tantric Massage with a few special services on the side.  She likes kind polite gentlemen, not the rude man who calls, and asks for a fuck, or can I stick it up your arse.  Typically she will meet with stressed executives who want caring for and pampering.

She is trained in several different massage types, including Tantric Massage which often brings a delayed but explosive orgasm without even touching the penis. She can also provide deep tissue massage, Swedish Massage and Body Worship.

T in the Park with Laura Lee #TITP2015 #TITP

T in the Park

Laura Lee at the TITP 2015 with rain droplets in her hair

Laura Lee at the TITP 2015 with rain droplets in her hair

After Glastonbury I ventured North of the border to T in the Park staying in the glamping area with the indomitable Laura Lee. Caught the East Coast Virgin train from London to Edinburgh, and then a Scot Rail to Stirling where Laura picked me up in her car for the onward travel to T in the Park. That trip must be one of the slowest in rail history. At least I saw the airport and the Edinburgh tram.

The Virgin trip was lovely, free food and free drink,and quick. The wine kept coming and coming, reckon I drank a bottle of Malbec. Virgin, you run a good service in first class at least. Not so the London Underground Union who had declared Thursday a day if pissing off travelers with a pretty unjustified claim. Never seen so many people hauling luggage through the streets of London on my fast walk from Marylebone.

T in the Park 2015 was in the grounds of Strathallan Castle, Perthshire. We arrived by more luck than judgement, signage to the Residence was wrong, as where the printed instructions, pointing us in the opposite direction to where we should be going.

The tent was lovely, came with double bed, chairs, table and bedside tables. Fully carpeted, towels and toiletries; settled we went to seek food and drink. The campsite had its own bar, restaurant and chill area. For the females there was a makeup area and hair dryers.

The Residence is also the nearest campsite to the arena, with its own entry and exit, making coming and going quick and easy. Speaking with some Welsh lasses at Waverley station, they said the walk from their campsite was long and tedious. They also mentioned that on the Sunday night there were so many fires, they feared for their safety at times. They are thinking of the Residence for next year.

There alas was rain most days, not hard and not incessant, enough though to get you wet. Sunday was dry and the sun shone a bit. There was mud, not quite the Glastonbury consistency or depth, enough in the car parks to cause chaos on Saturday night.

Bands seen at TITP

Sam Smith at TITP 2015

Sam Smith at TITP 2015


On the Friday we saw Hozier, Afro Jack, Sam Smith and Kasabian. Afro Jack was a good discovery, black dance. I shall be listening to them again. Laura loved the vocals and audience participation of Sam Smith. I loved Kasabian and was right down at the front. Yeah in the most pit. I am sure I am on TV, so shall search for myself on iPlayer.

Kasabian light show at TITP

Kasabian light show at TITP

Count down to Kasabian at TITP 2015

Count down to Kasabian at TITP 2015


Saturday I started off with Seasick Steve playing his Southern USA music. Steve-O! the chant went out. He went down very well with the crowd. I was there at the front, no moshing this time just chilled dancing.

Seasick Steve at TITP 2015

Seasick Steve at TITP 2015

Jessie-J followed on, a hit with the females of the audience and many of the men,dressed to seduce. Then on the BBC stage was Enter Shikari and then The Vaccines. I had missed Enter Shikari twice at Glastonbury during the same 2015 festival. This Metal/Electronica band from Hertfordshire is well worth listening to. Definitely left wing politics led. Vaccines another rock band to listen to. Had something to eat, and then on my own checked out a minor band called Ded Rabbit in the T-Break stage. Rekon there can’t have been 80 watching. The security was a bit over the top, stopping consensual sitting on shoulders. Doing no harm in an empty venue, what the fuck. Next day in the VIP area some TITP punter recognised me from being in the audience of Ded Rabbit ( I wasn’t sitting on shoulders or providing the shoulders). How weird is that? Actually I also confronted a man in the bar at the campsite. I had seen him in the arena watching some show. Turns out he wants to put on a festival near to Newcatle and call it the Wall. We shall see what happens. After Ded Rabbit I watched Avicii from a distance. DJ EDM music with spectacular visuals, but not entirely my thing, probably not in the mood. Amazing to see the almost seamless visual projection with the DJ perched in the middle of the screen.


So on to the Sunday music. We started quite late with Paloma Faith, strutting herself around the stage. I had to rush off to lost property after that session, and got back in time to see most of a superb Stereophonics session. They sang their heart out as well as me. All the anthems and songs from the 90’s. It was a beautiful set. I sang myself hoarse to their lyrics, as did the rest of the crowd, so much so it was hard to hear the band on occasions. Quickly on to The Prodigy and Fire Starter, Slap up my Bitch, yeah a great end to a superb festival.

It did end early, before 11 and all the bars shut up, well except those in VIP and on our campsite. Antiquated licensing laws?

There are bands I wish I had seen, like the Electronica band headlining the King Tutz stage on Sunday. As I write this, I am listening to their music, Above and Beyond. Great, go and stream it today.

The Rides

I don’t normally do rides, but Laura Lee had me on the most scary death defying rides, climaxing with the reverse bungy. Wow I screamed like a whimp. Very enjoyable, thanks Laura.

Laura Lee at the TITP 2015 with a Minion

Laura Lee at the TITP 2015 with a Minion

The Negatives

The downside of T in the Park. I have not been to a festival where there have been so much overindulgence of alcohol and other substances, requiring a constant stream of First Aiders and stretchers to wheel people off the site. There was a death, a bottling and numerous unhappy day trippers on Saturday who took hours to get out of the car park, stuck bogged down in the mud. The number of flying (plastic) bottles and beer containers hurled into the crowd. I was hit on the head by full bottles of soft drinks. Why do people do this? Am I getting old, or are they thoughtless plonkers. I heard several complaints by younger girls about the rain of beer (fluids?) and people, not just men, invading their space with unsolicited approaches including kissing.

I hate the beer, its really only Tennant’s Lager, where the fuck is the real ale. Leeds, Reading can do real ale (and Glastonbury, though it’s not suitable festival for a comparison), why can’t the Scots in their premier festival provide some real ale. They have some good beers to sell, and ales now have a new following amongst some of the youngsters, it’s not just old timers like me.

The VIP area is a reasonable concept, but totally ruined by overselling it, such that the loos there become filthy, blocked and disgusting. Not the place to go to powder your nose and update the make up. Patriarchy ruled with huge queues of women. This even caused me issues with wait for it, women in the men’s loos, I wondered what the loud noise of chatting was in our normally quiet men only loos.

The event ended, we left in a car with barely a teaspoon of fuel, firing on Gasoline fumes. Going ever and ever away from the nearest fuel stations. Stopped on the A9 and dashed across the dual carriageway with a fuel can to fill up from the station on the other carriageway. Impressed that Laura has a spare fuel can, though empty!

Will I be back let’s see, I burnt lots of Brownie points with the wife to attend this show. I got to earn quite a few credits before I can come back. Reading the papers, there seem also to be several politicians who want to see the end of the show. A big Fuck You to them!

The Sex

For those who follow the licentious side of this blog, yes Laura and I fucked in the morning, early morning wakeup calls, and in the evening for passionate sex. And as an aside I did pop into the Blair Street Sauna on the way home and was lucky to encounter Daisy for a short get together after several years apart. Another old timer, Betty was also there.

Glastonbury Festival 2015

My eighth Glastonbury festival has past with the usual enjoyment. This year it was glamping, once you have glamped, the muddy noisy wet fields, no showers and uncomfortable beds are not something to contemplate again. Not that there was much mud this year, a few light showers kept the dust down.

2015-06-27 20.59.41My festival partner was the one and only Laura Lee, now her third Glastonbury festival, this time with her legs intact. I dutifully collected her from the outskirts of London, and drove to the Love Fields at Glastonbury. Arriving with no traffic issues, one of the benefits of arriving on the Wednesday evening.

We were soon eating supper and were recognised by some of the staff and other guests as the couple with the broken down mobility scooter, wheel chair and Laura with the broken leg. They must think as an odd couple one from Bucks and the other from Glasgow.

It was amazing we could now walk around unaided, last year was a relevation on how helpful  other festival goers where to a person in a wheel chair. This year was no exception, Laura commenting on how polite every one was when a collision between bodies occurred. The walk up to the yurts though is uphill, and I do wonder about the effort I put in last year with the wheel chair and that final hill late at night. Though of course there was often someone to help take the strain of the arduous incline.

The Love Field site was organised differently this year, the catering tent had been turned into one of those large multiple mock tee-pee tents. The caterers had also changed, much more organised, and better food. We ate our breakfasts there every day, ate a few of the evening meals, missing out on the last couple of days because of band clashes. Yes this is a festival, and bands are what you are there for. The bar came in handy for  late night drinks sitting around the log fires, listening to the revelry from the festival below.

Let’s get this straight, Laura Lee is an escort, and all the time spent with her is paid on a commercial basis. That said she is special to me and, I believe I to her. We have known each other now for we think eight years. At these festivals we decide together what we each want to see. Sometimes doing our own thing when the other is tired or doesn’t want to be in the Mosh Pit in front of MotorHead. Yes I have seen myself on iPlayer not a pretty sight.

When it comes to sex at a festival, you have to have no shame, the others in the near by yurts hearing every moan of escasy and every slap of bare flesh against flesh. We have our rules and we abide by them. We had a great time in bed, I loved the way I could bring her to orgasm time and time again with my tongue. Then a new one on me was when Laura squirted. I suddenly felt a flow of liquid around my tongue and in my face. Wow it was if I had won the jackpot, and the money was gushing out of the opening. It was lovely relaxing with her, and I hope she was able to forget for a few days her battles with those who would want to make her life unsafe. Restored and better able to fight all the way to the European Human rights court.

The highlights to me were the Who and Florence + the Machine. I did not watch Kayna West, instead going to see the Arcadia Spectacular. It was not as spectacular as when I had seen the last show they did in the South East corner. This time I stood right under the tripod. You could feel the heat from the flames, and dance under the strobe lighting, watching the performers on all sides. After this I listened to Annie Mac before wandering off to the Park.

The other highlights were small events, small bands as you walk around the various fields. Seeing Ruby Wax in speakers corner, totally unplanned, watching a band in the rabbit hole late at night, or a band in the tee-pee park. Hearing about activism from Pussy Riot. All the things that only Glastonbury can offer.

Glastonbury came to an end all too soon, and we were leaving, stuck in a slow moving traffic for an hour. Oh and don’t ask me about London traffic and congestion charges. Must be a way to tell Google maps to ignore the congestion charge area. Rather a fraught Steve dropped Laura off at Euston station in time for her to head to Glasgow.

Have to start planning for next year, though I have a date with Laura Lee in Scotland at T in the Park on Thursday. Looking forward to this. Kasabian are on my listen list as well as a few others I missed at Glastonbury.

Biggest regret was the Chemical Brothers clashed with The Who.

  • Pussy Riot
  • Stornoway,raining in the bar next to the Acoustic Stage
  • Mary J Blige
  • Motorhead
  • Florence + The Machine



  • The Waterboys
  • George Ezra, left the sound quality was crap
  • Paloma Faith
  • Pharrell Williams
  • Arcadia


  • Ruby Wax
  • Lionel Richie
  • Paul Weller
  • The Who

A few images from Glastonbury.

National Ugly Mugs Conference

Ugly Mugs was running a conference in Manchester back in early Feb.  The conference was open to all who hoped to learn more about rights based approach to sex worker regulation (or rather decriminalisation).  There were many attendees from UKNSWP members who came to share information.  The police were there to both present better policing methods, and hopefully to learn better policing methods.  There were also many sex workers, both presenting and supporting.

It was an early start to get to the conference, and then I was confronted by a rather ugly snow storm on the walk from the station.  Luckily this was short and I didn’t get wet.  On arrival I first met Catherine who I sat with for most of the conference.  Met Laura Lee who was doing a presentation as a sex worker.  Met with a few other sex workers that I know and didn’t know.  Ended up in a bar having a drink with them before we made our ways back home.  If only I knew, but I saw Ruth, and she saw me and we didn’t know who the other was.  Such a shame, have always wanted to meet Strawberry Ruth.

The conference was exciting, I left with a very positive feeling.  It was mainly positive, how could any one disagree with the evidence being presented.  Sexworkers, Academics, Politicians and even the police seemed to be all online for the support of decriminalisation.  The police provided some examples of better practice that some authorities practiced.  The Liverpool model which treated crimes against sex workers as hate crimes.  The new way of working in Leeds where street sex work was managed (tolerated) in certain areas.  Unfortunately not all police forces are on side. We must encourage those who are on side, and they may then help persuade those who still view sex workers as a problem.  There were some police at this conference trying to learn.

There was one small bad taste.  A group of sex workers (Now I am going to be accused of speaking over them) hit out hard against the police.  Yes I understand the problems which occurred in Soho with the flat closures, and the Scottish police way of closing saunas, and yes those individual police forces should be held to account over this.  There though was what seemed to be a total condemnation of all police.  A more nuanced stance at presentation would have kept those police who are onside happy.  Congratulate the police attending this workshop, and support their attempts at a more rights based approach to regulating sex work.  Guide them in the ways they can improve, support them where they don’t close down and prosecute sex workers working together, help them set up tolerance zone policing.  Positive feedback may persuade other police forces to follow this lead.  The police with good outcomes from this police activity will become our spokespeople and help persuade other police forces to change.  Outright hostility to all police forces is counter productive.  No one helps people who only shout abuse at them. Sex Workers can’t risk losing those policemen who are advocating and implementing better practice within the constraints of the current law.

Overall I left with a happy fuzzy feeling and felt that I should still contribute to the Ugly Mugs scheme.  Met the NUM team, bought a T shirt and a few other goodies.